Financial Price Data and Trading APIs

I have recently launched an Excel Add-in for providing live financial prices in Excel, initially using the IG Index API. I intend to add additional data feeds from both data providers and brokers to the Add-in. I have therefore spent some time researching potential providers and brokers and thought it would be useful to document … Continue reading Financial Price Data and Trading APIs

Machine Learning and AI at Microsoft Build 2018

Last week was the annual Microsoft Build conference in Seattle. Build is the main global Microsoft developer conference and this year many sessions covered Microsoft's progress in the areas of AI and ML. I spent some time browsing the online session videos and was overwhelmed by the volume of content from the 3 day conference. … Continue reading Machine Learning and AI at Microsoft Build 2018

An Overview of the IG Index API

Introduction IG Index, the UK based spread betting firm, launched it’s trading API (  in 2014 to enable clients to build their own applications to connect to the IG trading infrastructure. Apps that can be built on the platform include automated trading applications, charting and sentiment tools, as well as integrations with Excel and other … Continue reading An Overview of the IG Index API

Getting Started With FIX Development

The Financial Information eXchange (FIX) protocol is ubiquitous within the world of finance technology and has been in widespread use since its inception in 1992. FIX defines a standard for communicating financial transaction information between the various players in the financial industry: banks, brokers, hedge funds etc. Importantly, FIX is platform and technology independent. So, what … Continue reading Getting Started With FIX Development